Which brewing method is the best? Pour-overs, french presses, and aeropresses are great, and they make superior coffee in my opinion. But if a Bunn drip machine has worked for you for decades, then by all means, carry on.

How long does coffee last? However long it tastes good to you. I personally use it within 3-4 weeks tops, especially if ground. But some people stretch it longer.

Do you do dark roasts, because I like full flavor? Coffee is full of hundreds of flavor compounds and oils that become detectable to our taste at different roast levels. However, once a bean gets dark and oily, most of those flavors are covered up by a burned taste. Therefore, it’s my opinion that a medium roasted coffee is more full-flavored than a dark roast and that’s why I roast my beans light/medium to medium. However, if you want a darker roast or another custom roast and you will buy five pounds of it at a time (my minimum batch size on the roaster), I will happily do that for you. Contact me through the website and we can figure it out.